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Providing a Service to Education Institutions that Supports our Community Programming.

In our Listening Session experience in the Winter and Spring of 2021, our goal was to build healthy, accountable relationships with the school districts. We're most proud of how this has been an opportunity to elevate community voice in instances when they felt comfortable enough to speak frankly with the district. 

Partnering with Districts is challenging for organizations with our community lead framework because our capacity isn't as robust as the district's to manage the technical and outreach in a region-specific way.  In addition, most districts are steeped in White Supremacy Culture and Racism. In partnering, we're experiencing pressure from some of the districts to take accountability for issues that predate our involvement and are symptoms of institutional racism. 

With that, we're switching our model! Our work is bolstering the community's leadership and advocacy. If school districts or other education agencies are interested in partnering with us to host Listening Sessions we are now offering consultation as a service to fund our community programming.

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