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South King County Discipline Coalition

Abolishing the School to Prison Pipeline through supporting Family leadership and advocacy

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Who We Are

Community-Cultivating Solutions through Leadership and Advocacy

The South King County Discipline Coalition's (SKCDC) mission is to end disproportionate discipline of students of color and interrupt the school to prison pipeline through anti-racist organizing, leadership development and advocacy strategies that center parents and youth directly affected. Our vision is that schools will shift away from exclusionary, punitive approaches to address student behavior, replacing them with restorative approaches that recognize the dignity and humanity of all and foster healthy, accountable relationships between schools, families, and the broader community. SKCDC defines success as developing parent and youth leadership and advocacy and supporting community-defined solutions to combat educational inequities experienced by youth and families of color. We will be successful by honoring and maintaining accountability to community. Consistent with SKCDC’s commitment to centering parents and youth in decision-making.


This year will be a slow one for us.

 2020 was a year full of collective turmoil that we experienced together. From COVID-19 to collectively mourning George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Shaun Lee Fuhr, Said Joquin, Terry Caver, Kevin Edward Peterson to name a few of the black people murdered by police this year. As a community we're resisted the inhumanity of how BIPOC people are treated in America.

South King County Discipline Coalition (SKCDC) hosted over 40 events this year, most of which were virtual. Our focus this year has been supporting parents, students, family advocates and school staff in Developing social emotional skills with the support of mental health professionals, cultivating the genius of black students with guidance from Dr. Debra Sullivan and of course knowing our rights and special education law.

SKCDC exist to support the Black Indigenous People of Color of South King County by practicing collective decision making and intentionally grounding ourselves in anti-racist principles as means of disrupting the school to prison pipeline. What is most innovative about our work is our commitment to developing BIPOC leadership and integrating the voices of the community we serve one conversation, one project, one event, one day at a time. 

We are at risk of running out of funding and have made the decision to significantly reducing our programming in 2021. If you'd like to help preserve this platform, so we can continue to steward it and disrupt the school to prison pipeline, please donate using the link below. 


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1225 S Weller St Ste. 420 
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