SKCDC Roadmap Region Listening Sessions Project

Currently scheduling Listening Sessions to take place in 2021

The South King County Discipline Coalition in collaboration with the Office of the Education Ombuds is hosting a series of listening sessions. Our focus area is the Roadmap Region as defined by CCER. Our goal is to elevate BIPOC community voice in the conversation about ongoing reform to public school systems that serve our communities. We recognize that systemic racism causes harm to BIPOC students and families in the public school system. 

These listening sessions provide an opportunity for parents and students to not only share their experiences, but also share insights on ways to make measurable improvements in areas that historically have had a detrimental impact and has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grounding our collaboration in the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond's Anti-Racist Principles. Additionally, these listening sessions have the potential to promote stronger communication, trust and partnership between schools and families.

The listening session are divided into two meetings:

  1. The first meeting provides an opportunity for sharing on the part of students and families. School and district representatives will be asked to just listen. To help facilitate active listening, we will have designated note takers from the South King County Discipline Coalition and the Office of the Education Ombuds.  These notes will be shared with the district before the second meeting.

  2. The second meeting allows districts to share what they heard during the previous meeting. This meeting will also provide the opportunity for district officials to share the ways they are working to address concerns raised as well as to share their specific plans to begin to address other areas of concern. 

The Guiding Questions for these listening sessions are:

  1. What have been missed opportunities for dismantling racism in your district?

  2. What have been missed opportunities for centering BIPOC families in decision-making?

  3. Do you feel welcome in your school?  If yes, what are aspects that have made you feel welcomed? If no, what factors have contributed to not feeling welcome?

  4. How can the district meaningfully gather and report feedback that builds trusting and productive relationships?

  5. What are policy or procedural practices or changes to existing policy and procedure that could better address issues that have come up? 

What's Next

We welcome the community to join us at any point in the Roadmap Region Listening Session process. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see what's happening in your district, and feel free to register and participate. We depend on community leadership and community voice to lead our work and guide our collaboration. We are grateful you're interested in joining the table we've building for the community.

Making Notes

Volunteer as a Deep Listener

Join the Team

In order for the Roadmap Region Listening Session Project to be truly impactful, we need a team of notetakers to listen and capture the guiding vision community is sharing. Notetakers will be responsible for clearly articulating the core concepts being expressed by the community, as verbatim as possible, and synthesizing the main themes in each breakout room.

Which session(s) can you commit to being fully present as a volunteer at?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.