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Special Education Services with Khadijah Toms
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Parent Guide to OSPI's Discipline Menu with Betty Peralta
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Backpack Drive
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Betty Peralta Preschool to Prison Pipeline Training
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Know Your Rights Part I
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Know Your Rights Part II
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Debra Sullivan: Cultivating Your Child Genius
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Betty Peralta Teacher Training
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Legislation Information Session
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Pushout Documentary Screening
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Delbert’s Traveling Museum
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Fundraiser Luncheon
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Surviving the School Year
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Backpack Drive Kick Off
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Special Education Law
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Past Events


Sippin' the Tea with Andrew Campbell

May 28, 2020

This community dialogue, led by Andrew Campbell highlighted the benefits of kinesthetic learning in building resiliency in students. Techniques such as mood mapping and engaging the students considering their preferences were discussed. Parents and teachers were encouraged to collaborate in informing principals and district boards of what is working for students as a tactic to influence how schools respond to COVID19 and beyond.

Cultivating the Genius of Black Students

May 21, 2020

Substantial research indicates that Black students have distinct, unique learning styles and preferences. Dr. Debra Sullivan covered the different learning styles.

Distance Learning Experience: Special Education

May 7, 2020

​Parents and Teachers connected via virtual panel to share their stories and strategies while adjusting to Distance Learning. Panelists were: 

  • Andrew Campbell, Special Education Instructor...

  • Christianna Clinton, Single mom, special education paraeducator, full time early learning student and Early Learning/ Family advocate...

  • DurShrika Moore, Parent Advocate and Founder of Mommie Motivated on Facebook)

  • Faduma Bulale,  Local Wife, Mother, UW Alum and founding member of the Elmi Foundationate...

  • Khadijah Toms, Parent Advocate and community leader

Distance Learning Experience: General Education

April 30, 2020

​Parents and Teachers connected via virtual panel to share their stories and strategies while adjusting to Distance Learning. Panelists were: 

  • Nicole Brown, Teacher

  • Carolyn Solitaire, Parent Advocate 

  • Erin Jones, Has been involved in and around schools for the past 26 years....

Community Check-In

April 2, 2020

Parents discussed their successes, struggles and silver linings in their distance learning journeys prompted by COVID-19. Representatives of PAVE and Washington House of Representatives were on the call to learn and share as well.

Planning Session

January 23, 2020

Presenters from Roadmap Project and Columbia Legal Services shared data and insight on what their organizations are seeing in regards to disproportionality experienced by people of color on the spectrum of school to prison pipeline and parents shared a dynamic list of creative ideas to inform/guide our annual program of trainings, meetings and events.

Special Education Law Training

January 9, 2020

This is a training for families and students on Washington State's Special Education Discipline Rules specifically for students who have a IEP or 504. Washington Educators Association provides free teacher trainer, Rebecca Fry who is qualified by our parent attendees.

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